How it started

      Our roots date back to the
      1980's when reusable plastic bulk
      containers were first introduced
      into the industrial marketplace.

     How it started

      RPP Containers today

      Our singular focus on bulk
      containers and best value are
      making us the destination for
      bulk container buyers.

     RPP Containers today

   Delivering the Best in Bulk

   Our unique mix of quality,
   knowledge and service, and
   immediate shipping combine to
   deliver the best value and best
   customer experience.

   Delivering the best in bulk

  • With experience dating back to the introduction of reusable plastic bulk containers into the industrial marketplace in the 1980's, the company is founded in 1998 as Reusable Packaging Products (RPP).

  • RPP focuses on providing unmatched knowledge and service to the growing number of companies switching to reusable plastic bulk containers to reduce cost, better protect products, and create a cleaner, safer work area.

  • In 2005, RPP launches its bulk container recycling operation, buying back damaged and obsolete containers, refurbishing the best and grinding up the rest.

  • In 2006, RPP changes its name to RPP Containers, with a renewed focus on being the destination for reusable plastic bulk containers.

  • In 2009, RPP Containers expands to a larger state-of-the-art facility and increases its production and distribution capabilities.

  • In 2010, RPP Containers introduces the DuraGreen® line of premium plastic bulk containers.

  • In 2012, RPP Containers introduces its online catalog to make the best choice easy for customers by providing the convenience of 24/7 ordering and service.

  • RPP Containers expands its distribution center to accommodate the company’s in stock and readily available service feature.