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RPP Containers Introduces New DuraGreen Pallet Pack All-in-One

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CINCINNATI, OH (October 12, 2015) – RPP Containers®, a leading manufacturer and stocking distributor of reusable plastic bulk containers has introduced the new Duragreen® Pallet Pack All-in-One, a new self-contained version of RPP’s DuraGreen Pallet Pack, the lightweight, 60 lb. reusable container engineered for durability, high-efficiency shipping, and storage.

The DuraGreen Pallet Pack All-in-One offers the same durability, cost efficiency, and ease of use as the original Pallet Pack, but with the convenience of always having the three components readily at hand: The collapsible plastic sleeve folds onto the pallet, while the top locks onto the base with the sleeve nesting safely inside. The new Pallet Pack All-in-One can be conveniently shipped as a collapsed single unit, or multiple units can be securely stacked for easy transport.

Craig Smith, VP of Sales at RPP Containers says, “Our DuraGreen Pallet Pack All-in-One adds another element of convenience to this container line already known for efficiency and ease of use. Whether quickly collapsing the units or assembling them, this self-contained Pallet Pack All-in-One will save time every time it’s reused.”

The lightweight, high-efficiency container is available in three sizes: DuraGreen 40 x 48 x 30 Pallet Pack All-in-One, DuraGreen 40 x 48 x 34 Pallet Pack All-in-One, and DuraGreen 45 x 48 x 34 Pallet Pack All-in-One.

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