Used Bulk Containers

Used Bulk Containers
Each RefurBest® used bulk container goes through a full-scale quality and functionality inspection, repair process, and power washing. RefurBest® used bulk containers are safe, clean, and carry a 1-year warranty for functionality. RPP Containers carries a large variety of collapsible containers that are in stock and ready for shipment. We have technical experts ready to answer any questions you may have about our used plastic bulk containers.

Our Process:

Guys moving Inspect
RPP Containers conducts a "fit-form-function" inspection on every used bulk container to determine if it can be refurbished. Every aspect of the container is reviewed to make sure it meets our quality standards. This includes latches, drop doors, sidewalls, bases and fork straps. We want to ensure every Refurbest container is ready for your demanding application.
Guy repairing containers back together Repair
All necessary repairs are made to the container, such as damaged part replacement and welding where needed, to make sure the container is fully functional. There are trained technicians to ensure that the repairs are permanent and that the containers are safe to use for our customers.
two guys repairing containers Inspect
A second inspection is conducted to ensure that the container meets the strict requirements for RefurBest used bulk containers. This second inspection is just double insurance that the container meets our exacting quality standards. The Refurbest brand ensures that every used container that leaves our warehouse is sound and ready for use.
Power washing containers Power Wash
Each container is power washed to remove excess dirt and grime. We want to make sure that whatever prior use the container had there is no contamination left behind. The containers are shipped clean and ready for use.
closeup containers Finished Product
The container is ready to be labeled a RefurBest used bulk container and carries a 1-year warranty for functionality. We have a large variety of containers in stock and ready to ship.

Used bulk containers sell fast and change stock often. Call 1.800.945.8304 for availability of unlisted sizes!