Bulk Container Recycling

Sell Us Your Unwanted HDPE Structural Foam Containers

Old and damaged plastic collapsible bulk containers are unproductive waste that can take up valuable space and create a housekeeping problem. Even worse, is the cost to send them to the landfill. The best environmental and fiscal solution is to avoid the landfill, and recycle them into useful products.

Bulk Container Recycling does just that. We purchase your unwanted bulk containers at the best market rates and grind them up to re-manufacture the plastic into new products. With bulk container recycling you can make money and help the environment at the same time.

Our streamlined process makes getting rid of your old collapsible bulk containers quick, easy and risk free. We purchase all sizes, all brands, and all conditions of used plastic collapsible bulk containers. Our industrial scale operation can handle even the largest of requirements.

Forklift operator unloading recycled containers