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Pallet Pack All-in-One: The All-in-One Alternative

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Pallet Pack All-in-One is a quick and easy system to setup and take down.

Pallet Pack All-in-One the All-in-One alternative

The DuraGreen Pallet Pack All-in-One is an all-weather, self-contained, reusable container engineered for durability and high-efficiency shipping and warehouse storage.  Used in a wide variety of applications, it has the same durability, cost efficiency, and ease of use as the original DuraGreen Pallet Pack, but with the convenience of always having the three components readily at hand. The collapsible plastic sleeve folds onto the pallet, while the tops locks onto the base with the sleeve nesting safely inside.  The Pallet Pack All-in-One can be easily shipped as a collapsed single unit, or multiple units can be securely stacked for easy transport.

    • Durable, all-weather container
      Can be stored indoors or outdoors


    • All-in-One container
      Never misplace tops, sleeves, or pallets again


    • Integrated locking system
      When not in use the top and pallet lock together securing the sleeve inside


    • Four-way forklift/pallet jack access
      Can be easily accessed and moved by either a forklift or pallet jack
 Pallet Pack All-in-One - Never lose the top, sleeve, or pallet again.

Easy Pallet Pack All-in-One System

Innovative design – combining an integrated top, sleeve, and pallet system – never lose your sleeve, top or pallet again, now they are All-in-One.

One person assembly and break down

When the Pallet Pack All-in-One is assembled it is a quick and easy process.  The top locks into the sleeve to provide additional support and security.  The top is required for stacking.  The sleeve locks securely into the top and the pallet.  The pallet locks into the sleeve, creating a secure three piece system.

When the Pallet Pack All-in-One has collapsed it locks together to keep all of the pieces securely together.  When collapsed the top locks into the pallet to secure the sleeve inside.  The sleeve folds onto the pallet while the top locks into the base.  When fully collapsed the pallet locks into the top to secure the sleeve inside.

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