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NEW – DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord with Drop Door and Steel Reinforcements

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The DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord with Drop Door and Steel Reinforcements can handle the heavy pressures of flowable materials and is FDA-approved for direct contact with food products. The drop-door provides easy access to contents and improves easement when installing a disposable liner. The steel-reinforced plastic gaylord is ideal for transport and storage of resin, powders, ingredients, and other flowable materials.

The plastic gaylord eliminates many problems and additional costs that users experience with corrugated gaylords and wood pallets. Many problems that the user experiences by using corrugated gaylords, boxes and pallets are the risk of contamination, shifting contents during shipping, leaking, limited one-time use, additional packaging costs, disposal costs, unstable stacking, and inefficient space utilization.

The plastic gaylord can be reused hundreds of times and are 100% recyclable. The smooth interior and exterior allow for quick and easy cleaning. With the smooth construction, it eliminates the problems of splinters, nails, and dust that are associated with wood pallets and corrugated boxes.

The versatility of the plastic gaylord makes it the best container for temporary storage, work in process, incoming ingredients, rotational shipping to customers, and shipments between plants. The heavy-duty design of the plastic gaylord allows you to load it up to 2,500 lbs. The ease of use allows one person to assemble and disassemble in seconds.

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