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The advantages of using plastic gaylords vs cardboard

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Top advantages of using Plastic Gaylords

Significantly reduce your packaging

Significantly reduce your cost and trash with DuraGreen Plastic Gaylords.  Plastic gaylords do not require any additional packaging like cardboard which requires a pallet, banding, and plastic wrapping in order to safely store product.

Reuse the plastic gaylord hundreds of times compared to the minimal use of corrugated.  The plastic gaylord has spring loaded latches that allow for quick assembly and breakdown in seconds by one person.  The versatile, heavy-duty plastic gaylord creates a safe and clean working environment by having no nails, wood splinters, or corrugated material.  Plastic gaylords are made from 100% recyclable FDA approved injection-molded polypropylene and have smooth surfaces to satisfy strict hygienic standards.

 Plastic Gaylords are built to last for years

Designed to last for years

Plastic Gaylord containers are designed for repeated use in any environment.  Collapsible plastic gaylord containers can be stored indoors or outdoors in any condition.  A plastic gaylord can withstand heat, humidity, cold, and moisture, unlike cardboard gaylords that can be compromised or fail if they are exposed to moisture, humidity, heat, and cold.

The DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord is fully collapsible and is designed for repeated uses and trips, unlike corrugated cardboard that has to be replaced only after a few uses.

 Save on wasted warehouse space

Save on wasted warehouse space

The DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord can save you valuable warehouse space.  Plastic gaylord containers can be stacked four high fully loaded, unlike corrugated gaylords that can only be stacked two high.  The plastic gaylord needs no pallet maximizing warehouse space.  A standard cardboard gaylord is 40” x 48” but requires a 45” x 48” in order to move it or stack it, costing you five inches of valuable space on each side of the container.

Plastic gaylord containers can hold up to 2,500 pounds of flowable materials such as resin, powders, granulated materials, liquids, and semi-liquid products.  Unlike corrugated gaylords, the DuraGreen Plastic Gaylord is engineered to be efficient, clean, safe and sustainable.


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