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RPP Containers Adds New Size Of DuraGreen Plastic Bulk Containers

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Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) RPP Containers has added a new height size of 39 inches to its DuraGreen™ 4840 Footprint of environmentally-sustainable, reusable, plastic bulk containers. Manufactured in response to customer demand, the new DuraGreen™ collapsible bulk container is 40 inches wide by 48 inches long by 39 inches tall. It has 2 drop doors, 4-way forklift access, and can be used in a wide variety of applications for many different industries.Scott DeNoma, president and CEO of RPP Containers, said “Since we first introduced DuraGreen™ collapsible plastic bulk containers in February 2010, the response has been great. Our customers are pleased with the superior quality, value-pricing and green product classification DuraGreen™ offers. When customers expressed a need for a taller container, we wanted to meet that need.”

Developed in response to corporate environmental-sustainability initiatives and budget constraints, DuraGreen™ reusable bulk containers are made from a proprietary blend of premium recycled plastic from RPP’s state-of-the-art, bulk container recycling and grinding facility. Similar to higher-priced brands, DuraGreen™ containers are built to provide years of service under the toughest conditions. They are heavy-duty, stackable, and easy to assemble and knock down.

Offered in three popular footprints, 48″x 45″48″x 40″, and 32″x 30″, DuraGreen™ reusable, plastic bulk containers provide customers with a high-quality “new” container at an economical price, plus a full warranty and the peace of mind that comes with buying a new collapsible bulk container with a green product classification. For more DuraGreen information, visit http://www.rppcontainers.com/duragreen-bulk-containers.html.

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RPP Containers, Delivering the Best in Bulk™, is a leading manufacturer and stocking distributor of reusable plastic bulk containers. DuraGreen, the company’s premium brand of bulk containers is one of the fastest growing container brands in North America. To learn more, visit www.rppcontainers.com or call 800-945-8304.

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