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RPP Containers Barn Door Custom Container Now Available in Standard Stock Sizes

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CINCINNATI, OH (May 4, 2017) – RPP Containers®, a leading manufacturer, stocking distributor, and recycler of plastic collapsible bulk containers, recently showcased its Barn Door™ bulk container at ProMat 2017. What was once only a custom-made container is now available in three standard stock sizes. The innovative Barn Door bulk container, designed for optimum accessibility, was the focal point for curious show attendees visiting the RPP Containers exhibit.

The Barn Door bulk container, with full-height doors opening all the way down to the base of the container, is a design solution that makes loading and unloading of contents faster, easier and safer. The full-height doors provide easy handling of large, odd-shaped, or fragile contents, and they’re ideal for loading palletized products directly into the container. Eric Stein, Director of Engineering at RPP Containers, says, “Our Barn Door container was met with real enthusiasm at ProMat 2017. Its full-height door feature inspired a number of exhibit visitors to readily recognize multiple applications that could be enhanced by the Barn Door’s accessibility and flexibility.”

The new, standard Barn Door plastic bulk container is now available in sizes: 45x48x34, 45x48x42, and 45x48x50. Fully customized Barn Door containers will continue to be available through RPP’s CustomBulk® brand.

RPP Containers provides bulk container custom solutions for companies throughout North America. Container customization clients have included aeronautics, engine, and instrumentation manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods companies.

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