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RPP Containers Brings New DuraGreen Pallet-Pack To Market

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Cincinnati, OH (BUSINESS WIRE)-The new DuraGreen® Pallet-Pack from RPP Containers offers the best of all worlds–an extraordinary strength -to-weight ratio that allows you to stack thousands of pounds on top of it, an engineered stackability that optimizes space utilization, a 7:1 nesting ratio that slashes shipping and storage costs, yet so lightweight that a single worker can easily and safely maneuver the container–the unit weighs only 60 lbs.RPP Containers, a leading Cincinnati-based manufacturer, stocking distributor and recycler or reusable plastic bulk containers, launched its popular DuraGreen® brand in early 2010. Since the brand’s inception, the company has added a number of innovative products–the Pallet-Pack is the latest in the series.

Scott DeNoma, president of RPP Containers, says, “The Pallet-Pack is our ’60 lb. Heavyweight™.’ The unit is unbelievably light, but it can handle the heaviest of material handling tasks; you can stack literally thousands of pounds on top of it without any damage to the goods at the bottom of the stack. Its stacking and nesting features are a real money-saver. And its minimal weight is a real benefit when it comes to worker safety and ease of handling.”

The unique features and advantages of the DuraGreen Pallet-Pack will benefit virtually any industrial or commercial operation: manufacturing, distribution, international shipping, textiles, storage & handling, warehousing and more.

DeNoma adds “Customers will also be delighted to discover that the many advantages of the Pallet-Pack come at a lower price than that of many traditional containers.”

DuraGreen containers meet today’s budget requirements and satisfy corporate environmental sustainability commitments because of there reusability and premium recycled plastic content.

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