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RPP Containers Introduces New DuraGreen Plastic Bulk Containers

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BUSINESS WIRE — DuraGreen™, a new category of environmentally sustainable, reusable, plastic bulk containers, was officially announced today by RPP Containers,. DuraGreen™ collapsible bulk containers are made from a proprietary blend of premium recycled plastic, and offer superior quality and value pricing.Scott DeNoma, president and CEO of RPP containers, said, “RPP’s state-of-the-art recycling and grinding facility for out-of-service plastic bulk containers enables us to put the highest quality of recycled plastic back into our new DuraGreen™ collapsible containers. And, DuraGreen™ containers offer the same advantages as other higher priced premium brands: they’re heavy-duty, stackable, easy to assemble and knock down, and durable enough to endure years of the toughest service.”

RPP developed DuraGreen™ reusable plastic bulk containers in response to the growing trend of customers buying used containers as a way to hold down cost. DeNoma explained, “Many of our customers want to save money by purchasing used containers. When we test marketed DuraGreen™, customers were pleased to discover they got a high quality new container at an economical price, plus a full warranty, and the peace of mind that comes with buying a new product.”

DuraGreen containers are offered in three popular footprints – 48″x45″, 48″x40″, and 32″x30″. They are not only ideal for meeting budget requirements, but also help to satisfy corporate environmental sustainability commitments because of their premium recycled plastic content and green product classification.

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RPP Containers, Delivering the Best in Bulk™, is a leading manufacturer and stocking distributor of reusable plastic bulk containers. DuraGreen, the company’s premium brand of bulk containers is one of the fastest growing container brands in North America. To learn more, visit www.rppcontainers.com or call 800-945-8304.

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