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RPP Containers Launches Feed the Beast Campaign

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“He’s one of the largest plastic shredding machines in North America….he’s a beast and he’s hungry”, explains the video announcer. “Please help us feed the beast”, the announcer implores the viewer. It is an excerpt from the Feed the Beast video recently posted online by RPP Containers®. The 30-second video is part of an integrated campaign to buy back old, broken, and obsolete collapsible bulk containers. Other promotional elements include e-mail marketing, public relations and sales communications.Scott DeNoma, president of RPP Containers, explained “We launched the Feed the Beast campaign because we have an ongoing need for premium regrind: our entire DuraGreen® line of collapsible bulk containers is manufactured exclusively from this recycled material.”The primary source for premium regrind is the end-users of collapsible bulk containers. As these containers wear out, become broken, or are removed from service, the end-user must find a viable way to discard or recycle the containers. DeNoma says, “Our scrap-buy-back program is an ideal outlet for them. We not only make it convenient, we pay top dollar for the material, or issue credit toward the purchase of our new containers.” To learn how to get paid for your old, broken or obsolete containers, contact Craig Smith at [email protected] or telephone 800-945-8304.

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