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RPP Containers Now Offering DuraGreen Hopper Bottom Containers On An In Stock Ready To Ship Basis

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CINCINNATI, OH (July 23, 2013) – The hopper bottom container is widely recognized as an ideal solution for transporting and dispensing uniformly shaped items such as pellets, grain, seed, resins, powders, and small components. Its funnel shaped interior, with a centrally located discharge and manually operated slide gate, completely discharges the contents without tipping the container. Unfortunately, these containers can be difficult to find, and generally must be pre-ordered in large quantities of several hundred units. Now, RPP Containers is offering the containers on its “in stock and ready to ship” basis.Eric Stein, RPP Containers vice president says, “Offering the DuraGreen hopper bottom collapsible bulk containers on our “in stock and ready to ship” basis will give customers quick access to these popular containers, and they’ll be able to order smaller quantities if they choose.”

The DuraGreen hopper bottom is available in the standard 45″ x 48″ footprint with 39″and 50″ heights. A centrally located 6” x 11” discharge with a manually operated slide gate releases contents on demand for complete discharge of the contents without tipping the container. The 2,000 lb. capacity container has a pallet-style base with a 4-way entry for forklift and pallet jack access.

DuraGreen, RPP Container’s premium line of reusable, plastic bulk containers, is one of the fastest growing brands in North America.

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